Scottish Phone Numbers

The Dialling Code for the UK is 44.

UK Advertiser Phone Numbers:

The vast majority of advertisers use UK mobile phones. These numbers all follow the format 07XXX XXXXXX.

To call a UK number from abroad you need to dial the International Access Code of the country you are calling from, 44, and then the number you wish to dial minus the first zero of it. e.g. 00 44 7XXX XXXXXX. (Please note, whilst 00 is the International Access Code in most of the world, it may not be your country's International Access Code.)

A Note on 'Withheld' Numbers:

Escorts nearly always use phones with Caller ID, and it is not uncommon for them to refuse to take calls from numbers that come up as 'withheld'. Escorts have to be concerned about their security and, for many, the first 'safety check' is having a confirmed number for the client. There is also a common perception that people who hide their Caller ID are often 'timewasters'. Even if you don't purposely withhold your Called ID when calling escorts, it may be withheld anyway, perhaps because you are calling from abroad or from a phone that automatically withholds its number. If this is your situation, you may be able to call from another phone or switch Caller ID Withhold off on your phone. (Tip: If you are in the UK, try adding 1470 before the number you are dialling to un-withhold your Called ID.

Still having problems?

Have you got credit on your phone? Did you pay your last phone bill? If you are trying to call an International number, could there be a bar on your phone preventing International calls? Are you using a work phone where you need to dial 9 or suchlike for an outside line first? And also, don't forget, not all escorts are available all of the time, even if they claim they are in all their advertising material! However, if you are having terrible troubles with UK phone numbers or feel a phone number published on our website is incorrect, please feel free to contact us.

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