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Bathgate is a town situated in the County of West Lothian, Scotland approximately five miles of Livingstone. The main M8 motorway runs by Bathgate, one of the busiest motorways in the United Kingdom. This motorway is a vein linking the two cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh together.

There is evidence to suggest that Bathgate may have been habituated since 3,500 BC and is located only a couple of miles south of Cainpapple Hill, a Neolithic burial site. Every year, Bathgate celebrate the wedding of Marjorie Brunce (daughter of King Robert I [Robert the Bruce]) to Walter Stewar(d/t), the sixth High Lord Steward of Scotland; the dowry included the lands and castles of Bathgate to Walter. This is celebrated in the form of the Bathgate Procession and John Newlands Festival.

Bathgate Academy, a secondary school in the town, schools up to 1,000 pupils each year, serving several communities in the area, including Blackburn and Livingston. The school was established during the mid 1700s by John Newlands and was originally located on Marjoribanks Street, however it was relocated to Edinburgh Street during the 1960s when the site was taken over by West Lothian College.

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